What is Kuiba

Is a vitalizing drink, a refreshment that is also designed to refill your energy through your daily tasks. This is achieved thanks to its natural ingredients. Kuiba’s natural flavour transports you to that special moment of where you feel, breathe and live the nature.

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KUIBA, not just a tribal name

The name Kuiba comes from an old and now extinct indian tribe settled on the colombian eastern plains, which were well known for their use of Panela in their diet. Panela is then a traditional nourishment not only for this tribe, but the tradition stayed in Colombia, and with Kuiba extends to Europe.




A sour but delicious fruit which gives an incredible taste to almost everything and provides several benefits for the body such as rejuvenates skin, improves digestion, fights infections, helps with weight loss, lowers blood sugar, reduces heart disease and prevents cancer.


Natural sweetener obtained from the sugar cane. Contains vitamins A, B, C, D and E therefore it strengthens the immune system, strengthens bones, fights cavities and prevents osteoporosis, regulates heartbeat and nervous excitability, helps fight anemia, rickets and osteomalacia.


An exotic plant that grows in Brazil and has such a power that people can consume it in order to re-gain energy and early natives used it to lose weight. In addition to its energizing and weight loss effects, guarana encourages movement of the bowels.



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